What type of masseuse do you provide?

I offer an elegantly dressed, experienced, friendly and open minded masseuse who understands what you need and will always be dedicated to ensuring that your experience is satisfactory.

Will you as masseuse be discrete?

Yes. I am elegantly dressed to avoid attracting any undue attention. I will also be very discreet entering your home or your hotel room so you will have nothing to worry about. You can focus on just relaxing and experiencing my sensual touch during the massage. !

Can I use a credit card or foreign currency to pay?

Currently i only accept payments in cash for discretion. However, we do accept foreign currency. We accept US Dollar, British Pound and Euro. Contact us for further details.

Can I cancel after the arrival your services?

Yes. However, it is important to notify me within 10 minutes of my arrival. Please note that a small cancellation charge will apply since the time has been booked off to deliver services to you.

Can I change the booking time?

Yes. Please call me an hour in advance to change the booking time and to avoid any cancellation fees.

What about the travel expenses?

All the rates on this website are inclusive of the travel expenses within The Hague. For bookings outside this area additional travel expenses will apply. Please contact me for exact quotes.

Am i allowed to touch the masseuse?

No. We require each of our clients to remain completely passive and simply allow the masseuse to deliver the sensual pleasure that i am skilled at. Being passive and just receiving will intensify pleasure since you will be able to focus on the sensations you experience in an unhurried manner. You will be able to open yourself up to every touch, enjoy total relaxation and get rid of your stress.

Do you provide any other services?

No. I only provide massage services for sensual experience and relaxation. I do not offer any escort services. I also do not provide any type of sexual services.

Can I get the massage extended?

Yes. Absolutely. Please inform me of the same within 10 minutes of the arrival of me as masseuse for extensions.