The terms listed below must be adhered to and followed once you book my services to avoid any disappointment.
Services are only provided to clients aged 18 and above.

All rates listed on this website include travel expenses within The Hague region. Additional travel expenses may apply to services outside this area. Please request a quote for bookings outside The Hague.

A small fee will be applicable to the client in the event that the services are cancelled after the arrival of me as masseuse.

Please note that Exclusive Massage only provides massage service. No sexual services of any kind will be provided. Although the exclusive massage service is erotic and sensual in nature, it is not an invitation for oral sex or intercourse.

Before the Massage
Please take a shower before your masseuse arrives.
Set up the room temperature to a comfortable, warm level.
Keep a few towels available and ready for use before the massage.
I will use candles and soft music to create a romantic, intimate atmosphere with dimmed lights so you can fully relax and simply enjoy the sensations of the sensual massage.

During the Massage
Upon booking the services you agree to remain in a total passive role. No touching is allowed throughout the massage.

After the Massage
Allow your masseuse to take a shower and provide a clean, fresh towel for their use after the massage session.
We have the right to terminate the massage session or refuse our services to a client who breaches any of our terms and conditions listed above.